Danesfield School Hall, Marlow, Buckinghamshire 

Academy One classes run on a Saturday from 9am-2.05 in Danesfield School Hall, Marlow, Buckinghamshire.  
RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet work takes place on a Thursday.  
The select competition team additionally train on a Friday and Tuesday evening. 
Our hall is nice and big with outdoor access and a built in sound system. Academy also owns an air track which is very useful for the girls to get comfortable practicing new skills and tricks in class. An air track is a soft, sprung inflated track for softer landings and more height. Private lessons are discussed individually and timetabled privately between myself and the parent. Recommended Academy ages are 6+. Our training is done in an extremely fun environment but is also very professional and aiming to get the very best out of the girls. 
1 Free trial lesson for each class  
Saturdays: Class 1 Commercial: 9-10 | Class 2 Technical Jazz 10.15-11.15 | Class 3 Lyrical Contemporary 11.25-12.25 | MINI ACADEMY 12.35-2.05  
Private lesson rota Tuesdays 3.30-8.30 (team only) | Elite Competition Training 5.00-7.00 Fridays 

Class 1 Commercial  

Commercial is a style of dance that is often compared to hip hop and street dance. Commercial dance is one of the biggest and most current styles of dance around. It can be seen on everything from X Factor backing dancing to backing dancing on an artist tour to music videos and much more. I work as a professional commercial dancer and this includes anything from dancing for famous artists in music videos/ on stage/ TV/ events etc. The most current artists i have danced for would be girl band Little Mix. Sharing this knowledge and passion with younger aspiring dancers is very important to me and most importantly great fun. As I am still working professionally, aiming for bigger things each year. The girls get to learn it first hand and be current in the dance industry today.  


AODC will be introducing MINI ACADEMY from January 2021. This is an hour and a half intense weekly class to give my younger ones my full attention. All 3 styles above will be taught and the class will focus on their technique, flexibility, tricks and performance quality. They will move out of mini academy when they turn 9 or when i feel they are ready. It will be compulsory for any of my mini elite competition team to train at mini academy.  


I feel my dancers benefit greatly by having a weekly acrobatics class because it gives them that dedicated time each week to put their new found flexibility and technique in to practice whilst working on harder skills. AODC acro classes cover a number of different elements. Body conditioning and strength which is incredibly important for a dancer. Extra weekly focus on stretch and flexibility. Skills and combos, Individual focus on individual tricks each dancer is working towards, along with exam work which is working towards acrobatic grades. Classes are split by age and ability and all run on a wednesday with my incredible acro coach Hayley.  

Class 2 Technical Jazz  

Class 2 is a technical jazz class. This is they style of dance for those serious about their dance training, making them stronger dancers. I have trained in this style from the age of 2 and competed with it since the age of 6. This type of dance is worked on by those in the west-end, those dancing on the big cruise ships and is one of the most important styles of dance. If you and your children are familiar with the TV show 'Dance Moms' this is very much a 'Dance Moms' style class. It will work on the child's flexibility, performance quality, technique and help shape them in to a well rounded and better dancer learning everything currently going on in this style in the competition world to date. 

Class 3 Lyrical Contemporary  

Lyrical Contemporary work's very closely with class number 2. It's also a dance style involved very heavily with the show 'Dance Moms' and is developed from all the classical genres i.e. ballet. This is a slower style and a very expressive style. It will work on the skill of telling a story though your dancing whilst dancing at a high skill. Including turns, tricks, Kicks, flexibility and technique.  


Mini team auditions will be held in Feb 2021 ages 4-7. 
Junior team auditions will be held in Feb 2021 ages 8-9 and a half. 
Currently my teen competition team is closed and full.  
Girls in academy training will always be considered for teams first. To compete on my AODC team, taking academy classes 2&3 for the older ones and mini academy for the younger ones is compulsory. Along with following the weekly private lesson schedule and attending weekly 2 hour comp training sessions. Competitions take place up and down the country each month, where the girls attend to compete throughout different genres in their age divisions. The girls in academy training can be selected for the comp team by showing improvement, dedication and hard work week by week. All my comp teams are hand selected by myself and i am always looking for girls with great week ethic and vast improvement to join at any given moment.  

RAD BALLET CLASSES Ballet is super important to me to hold at AODC as is the foundation for all our dance styles. AODC offer's the RAD ballet syllabus, coaching the girls to complete their exams to the highest standard possible. Helping them to be well rounded technical dancers. Along with ballet free work and opportunities to advance to point work. Like all RAD classes we wear the set approved royal academy of dance leotards, as apposed to my AODC attire like the other classes. My 2 ballet coaches Madeline and Livi take over my ballet classes here at AODC. I am super lucky to have both Madelaine and Livi take on ballet at such a great standard with many students entered for their exams at an 100% success rate. 

Becky: 07770 551 252 Assistant Louise: 07766827704 
becky.petersen57@live.co.uk or LouisedoveAODC@outlook.com 
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