Class Behaviour and Etiquette  Reasonable rules and standards are there to promote self- discipline, keep us safe and to get the absolute best out of training at AODC. 

Dancers must dress in the correct attire for each class including appropriate hair styles (always up), footwear and clothing. 
Apply yourself in each of your classes and try your best in all that you do. That's all that can be asked. 
Don't talk over your coach during training times. There are tons of opportunities for socialising and breaks in between Academy training. 
Be on time for your classes and come prepared with all your correct gear, attitude, ambition and energy.  
Becky's decisions in anything Academy related are final.  
Please don't swing on the wall bars. They are there for support only. 
Please no chewing of gum and eating during training sessions. You have breaks for snacks and food.  
The girls must bring a water bottle every time they attend academy. We do have a water machine for it to be re-filled. 
The girls must bring their AODC journals or a notebook and pen to every training session and every private lesson.  
Every child will be challenged in class to compete against themselves and not others.  
I ask for no phones during Academy training, they are allowed out in between. 
I ask for all the girls to support, help and learn from one another. We are all one big family and at different stages in our dancing. We are all here for one reason, because we love what we do and want to get better.  

Competition Behaviour and Etiquette Reasonable standards are there to ensure appropriate behaviour, representation and professionalism at AODC. 

Dancers must be on time for each competition day call times. These will differ each time. 
Dancers are responsible for knowing their corrections and routines on competition day.  
Dancers are responsible for making sure they bring all their correct things, including costuming, make up, hair stuff, special effects if they apply to you, props, back up CDS, Accessories (earrings, hair pieces), shoes, tights etc. 
Dancers must have their AODC jacket at each comp along with their leggings or shorts to match.  
No eating in costumes. Dancers must have old clothing over the top, or gown, if costume cannot be taken off. 
Dancers Tan must be appropriate not streaky patchy or too dark.  
Dancers and parents are responsible for ensuring they are fully stretched before going on stage including dancing tricks full out before running numbers with Becky. 
Video taping and photography can only include your own child/ AODC members. You are not allowed to video other dancers that are not AODC girls whilst they are on stage. 
Backstage in the wings, before going on, there is to be no messing around and talking unnecessarily.  
Men will not be allowed in girls dressing areas at competition venues. 
Please do not leave the competition venue without checking with Becky you have time to do so. 
No nail polish unless stated otherwise by Becky. It's to go with the costume.  
Parents and dancers please know the schedule and timings for the day ie, hair and makeup in between each number etc and how long you have between each.  
Dancers must represent in a professional and respectful manor to all at the venue, at all times. 
Becky has the final say in anything dance, routine, costume and makeup etc related. 
All quick changes must be plotted out before competition starts to avoid chaos and adding extra stress to the situation. 
No underwear must be on show with costumes.  
All dancers must have a spare pair of their tan tights with them in case of any ladder accidents.  
Parents will be asked to help with tasks such as hair, makeup stretching the girls and making sure they are prepared, happy and ahead of time.  
Please listen and abide by each separate competition's own rules for the day. 
Please don't have conversations in the theatres when children are dancing. 
Please do not critique and speak about other dancers especially at a competition when you don't know who is around you.  
All score sheets must be handed to Becky if given directly to the dancers at awards.  
Please try not to keep getting up and down in the theatre and only leave and enter when someone has finished dancing on stage and applause is taking place.  
Most importantly for everyone on the AODC team is to have a great time, support one another along with other dancers and show how hard you have all been working. 
Whatever the result on each comp day I am proud of you all, always. 
Becky: 07770 551 252 Assistant Louise: 07766827704 
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