I believe I am not just here to book my talent with opportunities but to teach and guide them every step of the way The yearly agency fee is not for the dance/performing opportunities but for the below:  Regular 1-2-1 online meetings tailored to each of my individual dancers, which will allow me and my dancers to stay on track, up to date with each other and always able to grow and learn. Self-tape mock auditions Spotlight CV’s & headshots/Shots Dance reels and vocal reels Audition preparation & technique Rep folders and vocal practice Social media & marketing/branding Approaching an Agent Being your own business Staying motivated and self care Mock auditions Constant feedback Regular challenges and personal goals  24/7 support and advice 

I am the Owner and Principle at Academy One Dance Company as well as head agent and founder for Agency One established in 2021.  
I have had experience with dancing and working since I was about 5 years old. Owning and running an agency as opposed to dancing on the books of one is of course very different. I do believe however that all my dance and performing experience growing up and as a professional have taught me enough to pass on to the next generation of dancers. I believe I have a natural ability to spot potential and talent and love being able to guide my dancers in to the industry. Teaching them top work ethic, professionalism, self well-being which I think is super important and often forgotten about, as well as giving them the best guidance possible to be the best they possibly can be. 
I believe by keeping my books small I am able to deliver the best to my dancers by giving them as much attention as possible and able to give them as many opportunities possible. 
Work ethic, time management, organisation and presentation are absolutely key for me. I believe of course talent is important but can only get you so far. I feel strongly about making sure the kids on my books as well as my competition teams are well rounded in all aspects not just the talent. 
Becky: 07770 551 252 Assistant Louise: 07766827704 
becky.petersen57@live.co.uk or LouisedoveAODC@outlook.com 
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